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Emma Richards From Cherub Chews

Who are we?

Hi there, I’m Emma Creator of Cherub Chews. I design make and package all of your necklaces, bracelets and other accessories and toys. When I’m not doing this I’m chasing around after my two little munchkins, who are my inspiration for Cherub Chews as a business and its products.

Cherub Chews was created in 2013 when i found my son grabbing at my skin and hair while I was feeding and babywearing. I searched for a necklace to help aid in distracting him to save my poor skin and hair.  All  I could find on the market were silicone and plastic necklaces, which weren’t me. So I set about creating my own. After spending months sourcing materials and designing my first necklaces, safety testing went underway and I was ready to launch.

Cherub Chews will continue to grow as we source and try out new products, thank you to all that have been with us from the beginning and continue to support us.

The Team

Toddler Bead
Toddler Bead
The reason i started Cherub Chews. Without his pulling and grabbing and problems with teething Cherub Chews wouldn’t have been. He often helps me with designs and is always encouraging me by saying ‘Mum you’re awesome’
Papa Bead
Papa Bead
Papa Bead, helps pack up your orders, keeps the little cherubs calm when mama bead is running around like headless chicken.
Baby Bead
Baby Bead
The littlest bead. Loves to fiddle and chew and has tried out far too many of the necklaces, for such a little one she has quite the collection of teething products.

Cherub Chews HQ is currently moving our website will remain open and orders will leave us from 6th June 2018. Dismiss

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