Picture this, its 2012 New Year Eve and through the curtains i could just about see the flashes of light that were lighting up the night sky; I could certainly hear them.

Earlier that day 9 1/2 hours actually i’d officially become an earth mum (i use the term earth mum as many friends have lost children before they were earth side and they are still definitely mothers). After a extremely tough pregnancy; sickness throughout, spd from 20 weeks, pre-eclampsia, an a c-section pregnancy wasn’t a stroll in the park for me. The bundle however i was holding in my arms as the clock struck 12- midnight was worth everything i had been through and more.

Oakley was born 6lbs 3 1/2 oz tiny, but perfectly formed. All my life I had wanted to be a mum and now i was. I did the usual things. Sniffed his head, (i loved that smell, hell i still do- i sniff and snuggle his head now even when he pushes me away going ‘awww mum stop sniffing me’) I laid there staring at him all night. I was so tired so so so so tired but i didnt want to miss a thing, the little noises the sniffs and the mini hiccups. I was content, he was content, my life, was complete.



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Hi I'm Emma founder and creator or Cherub Chews Handmade Crochet Nursing Necklaces. I am a mum of twofrom the lovely Devon countryside. Each necklace is made by hand in my little house in Devon while my little son naps. I hope you love my necklaces as much as i love making them.

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