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All our products are tested to european safety standards. Our designs have been tested and passed BSEN 71 1-3 in an external Lab

Little ones can safety fiddle and chew on our products

Knowing that all wood and crochet cotton is safe and sustainably sourced


Cherub Chews designs provide a wonderful distraction for the nursing baby or the grabbing toddler.

A simple way to elevate the everyday dark colours we often wear during the haze of tired feeding and teething nights


You can be rest assured that every Cherub Chews Necklace is handmade by me , Emma, in the beautiful Devon Countryside, UK.

Each necklace is 100% natural and eco-friendly

Every part of the necklace has been sourced within the EU, with all wooden elements from sustainable forests away from heavy industry..

‘Jasper is super pleased with his juniper teething necklace. Has hardly had it out of his mouth!’

Sarah, Jaspers Mummy

‘Doubling up on the Cherub Chews because i cant decide which one to wear! The juniper smells so incredible that i may never take it off.’

Kristen, Mummy

Love my new juniper wood necklace and it’s like catnip to my teething 5 month old.

Sarah , Mummy

Bought a couple of items a few days ago postage very reasonable so thought it may take a little longer to arrive but wonderful parcel of goodies arrived this morning and inside the beautiful packaging are the absolutely gorgeous handmade teether and necklace I’d bought in preparation for our next arrival. My daughter has other ideas and has already claimed the teether as her own! Will be back to buy more soon as they are just so pretty!


I’m lucky enough to have just been given my second Cherub Chew necklace! They get worn loads and go with just about everything. More than that, my daughter loves them, as do most other little ones I meet! The only problem is my daughter keeps stealing my necklace from round my neck!!


I am delighted with my necklace, it has made feeding time more playful and less punchy! I have also had compliments that it looks lovely and I think I will continue to wear it long after it helps with feeding and teething.


Love my necklace! It’s so pretty, dresses my outfits up and keeps my baby entertained!


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